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The Fastest, Most Stable Way to Grow Your Velovita Business

This is Tom Wood. Michael and I want you to know why we are so excited about this system and how we are using it to grow our business fast. 
Note: the system is commonly called ATM because the three core actions are Add, Tag, Message. VSS stands for Velocity Success System and it’s our version of ATM, specifically for Velovita.
When I first heard about this system I didn’t know it had a name. 
At an industry conference, I met a 29 year old kindergarten teacher who had never been in network marketing before and the conversation went something like this: 
Me: Hi. Art told me you are building your business just online. Can you tell me more?
Teacher: That’s partly true. I’m only building on Facebook, not anywhere else online. 
Me: Oh, ok. I’m on Facebook but we tell our team to only post promotions and ads if you want to lose friends.  <chuckle>
Teacher: Ha. That’s funny. You’re a very funny guy.  <sarcastic tone>
Me: Thank you. 
Teacher: I was being sarcastic. 
Me:  I know. You’re a very funny woman. 

Teacher: Ha. Ha. Touché. 

Me: So you only build on Facebook. That’s got to be somewhat limiting. 
Teacher: It is. My check was $250,000 last month but it’s not growing as fast as it used to.  
Me: Ha! Ha! <LOL>
Teacher: Why are you laughing? 
Me: Oh. You’re not joking this time?
Teacher: No. This is my first time in network marketing and my first industry conference. I’m the top earner in my company, but the company is only a couple of years old, so I’m sure people who’ve been doing this longer than me are doing much better than me.  
Me: <not laughing anymore> Umm, ah, well… 
I will tell you the rest of the story another time. It will blow your mind.
To make my part of the long story short, at the time I didn’t use Facebook that much, and I thought she may have been stretching the truth a little. “No one build just on Facebook”, I thought.
But I was wrong. Very wrong. This kindergarten teacher and her husband built entirely on Facebook, and now spend their time in complete freedom. They help people in their business and they build schools in Africa because those things gives them the most joy in life.
For twenty-seven years I’ve stuck to the principles of duplication and relationships that make network marketing work and I’ve used technology to only enhance the methods we used, not to replace them. The principles (relationships (rapport), reputation (trust), invitations, systems, tools, follow ups, quick-start training, events and duplication) have been very good to Michael and me. We’ve earned millions and helped tens of thousands. In our last company, were the top two earners building house to house to hotel to national event. 

Michael has never really used online methods for building because he had so much success working with people face-to-face and in live groups. The coronavirus COVID-19 hasn’t slowed him down, because the people who know him have such high trust in him they listen.  But that’s not the case with everyone on our team. They aren’t all able to enroll a customer or member on a zoom call, and it can be frustrating.

But I love online methods and they have been a huge success for me. They have built my business very big, very fast. However, the online methods I used didn’t have the long-term success that my offline methods did. It’s hard for people to build strong relationships (connection, rapport, respect, friendship, trust, and loyalty) from a website and an auto-responder. It can be done, but not everyone will do it. 

Our offline methods build slowly, but they last longer. I still work with some of the people I met 27 years ago. In fact, Michael, who is my business partner and closest friend, and I met at our first company’s national conference. Most of my friends in the industry are people I met at events. The people I met online, who survived my auto-responders, are great people, but they are always getting distracted by the newest thing.
Now this method, what we call VSS ATM, blends the two systems. It has the speed of online, with the relationship building of offline. You can feed the system from close friends or new people you found online, because once they are in the Facebook Groups, your relationship gets stronger, and their belief in the products and opportunity get stronger because they are in a “virtual convention” every time they visit the group.


My first mentor in network marketing rescued me from a short career with almost no earnings

He said, “Tom, you have to stop doing what works…”

I thought, “OK… he’s crazy”

“… and start doing what duplicates.”, he continued.

It took me a second to understand what he meant. I was enrolling people, but I was doing it in a way they could not do. Nothing was duplicating. 

And that’s the whole reason I joined network marketing. I wanted to earn a little bit off the efforts of a lot of people. If you’re not duplicating, you’re never going to get there.

Once I understood this principal and how important it is, I created an online system called TheDuplicator (in 1996!) and it shot me up from bottom of the earnings chart, to a top 10 earner in that company.

I was sold on systems and duplication and that is exactly what the VSS ATM System is.

How the Velovita VSS ATM System Works

VSS Stands for Velocity Success System. We have enhanced the ATM system to work specifically for Velovita.

ATM stands for Add, Tag, Message.

  1. You first add people into a private and hidden Facebook group (aka a Secret Group).
  2. Next, you tag them in a post or a video you want them to see (an announcement post that explains what Brān Reimagined is all about).
  3. And then finally you message them to see what they liked best.

Our goal is to attract the people who are open to the results you get with a healthy brain or with our opportunity, and to create curiosity.

Curiosity is an important factor in everything you do. Always leave something to come back for.

Here’s an example:

First, send them a message like this: 

“Hey [name], I was reading one of your posts about wellness and I found a product I think you’d love. There is a secret community where people share all the incredible results they are getting. I can add you to the community and tag you in a video (3-min) if you’d like — you haven’t seen anything like this.”


“Hi, [name]. I’ve been following you on Facebook for some time now and I have something I think you’d be interested in. I found a way to earn money using Facebook. You have to see this. I’d love to add you to our secret community and tag you in a video. It’s short and to the point, and it tells you exactly what we do—you’ve got to see this!”

When they reply with “Sure” or “Yeah, go ahead and  add me to the Group”, then you Add them.

Once, they’re in the group, tag them in the post you want them to see, and send them a message along these lines: 

“I tagged you in the video that explains it, let’s talk again tomorrow if not sooner”.

When it’s time to follow up, simply ask them what they liked best and if they would like more information. If they do, Message them in a Group Chat with a couple of leaders and reply with: 

“Excellent! I just added you to a Group Chat with some great people that I work with.”

This way, you’re getting yourself out of the way (Social Proof, 3-Way) and letting someone more experienced answer their questions. You’re outsourcing your work, and getting higher results in return.

Here are 3 things to remember:

1. DO NOT SELL — Interview, filter and sort. 

What you do everyday is connect and interview people to identify qualified prospects. You don’t want to work with people who don’t want to work, do you?

There are so many people to talk to, you’re job is to find out as quickly as possible if they qualify by adding, tagging and messaging.

If someone is not interested in Brān or Velovita, that’s ok—there are others who are. You’re filtering and sorting, not begging.

2. WHEN YOU’RE NEW, you have the least knowledge, the least confidence and the most anxiety. That’s why this works so well for new people or people bringing on new people (everybody). 

The best news is that you don’t have to be knowledgeable, confident, and calm. You just have to ATM with the VSS. (that last line should be in a rap song, fo sho.) 

It takes a little courage to invite your friends (what will they think?) but are you willing to crush your dreams because you’re afraid of what a few people think?

Really, it’s none of your business what people think about you. Most of the people you’re worried about won’t go to your funeral if it’s raining. Your business is to focus on your dreams, goals, and the people who will support you.

In other words, “Embrace the Suck.” You can make up in numbers what you lack in skill. That’s what we have always done and it is the only way to learn, grow, and improve!

3. It Works, But Only if You Work It.

Getting results is a numbers game. I have 8000 people in my phone, because that’s about how many people have said no to me in the past 27 years. A lot of these people are still my friends and most of the people who said no were thankful I thought of them, the timing wasn’t right for them.  

Also, remember that most people will not join you after one exposure or one conversation. The more people you expose to the VSS groups (we have a Product Group, an Opportunity Group, and a Members Group), the more people you’ll have watch our videos, and the more people will enroll, and the more money you can earn.


This next part we borrowed from a couple of leaders in another company who have earned millions using the ATM system. We modified it slightly so you’ll see how it works with Velovita. 


How to Make the ATM System Work for You

Follow the 5-5-3 Prospecting Formula & the 15-7 Formula

If you want the ATM system to work for you, you have to think long-term. You have people who said “no” to you. They haven’t bought Brān or joined your Velovita team—but they will, eventually Or they won’t. It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you show up and stay in touch with them.

Use the 5-5-3 prospecting formula every day, proactively, to create more conversations and connect with more people.

Here’s how it works:

  • Friend up or reconnect with 5 new people/day
  • Pop the question to 5 people/day
  • ATM 3 people/day

And what should you post on your Social Media feed? Instead of constantly talking about your product or business, integrate the 15-7 weekly formula to your content strategy to bring value and mix things up. Here’s how it works:

  • 10 posts/week that are fun, personal, lifestyle or bring generic value
  • 4 posts/week that offer nonchalant promotion aka. curiosity posts
  • 1 power post/week that’s a direct promotion

Once people express curiosity, use the VSS ATM Facebook Group strategy to add them to your group, tag them in a post, and message them.

Build Trust

If people don’t know you, like you or trust you, they won’t do business with you. That’s why your main job is to bring value to your audience. How would you like to reach a point where prospects come to you?

Some of the best people on my team and the biggest leaders in my organization were my friends, first. Build relationships!

Constantly Fill your Funnel with New Contacts

Add new people to the ATM groups every single day. If you’re only ATMing 3 people/week, you’re not serious about making your business work. Think about all those Facebook friends that you haven’t approached yet… and make a move.

Use two groups

We have a Product Group (Amplify Your Life) and an Opportunity Group (Life Reimagined).  We have a group dedicated to promoting the products, and one where we promote the business, because more people are open to buying your product than to get in on the business opportunity.


What to Post in Your ATM Groups

The Velovita leadership have created most of the content you need to promote. 

All content posted must get approved by the moderators, so make sure you read the rules of each group.

Facebook groups create social proof and get people excited. Here are the types of content we have:

 Welcome posts: welcome to the team/group;
 Photos: Before and After pics are best, but even a selfie with a short-concise testimonials from you adds the human element to the group.
– Recognition posts: celebrate people in your business group who are rank advancing or adding members.
– Shout-outs: people getting their first promotion, first customer, creating their first curiosity post;
– Testimonials: encourage your customers to share their results;
 Run contests: i.e. Brān Teasers, puzzles, health challenges like a five-day water challenge, no sugar challenge, planking challenge, no dairy, no meat, etc;
– Product demo: show how your product works, take fun pictures with the product;
– Host a watch party;
– Interview top leaders.

Get creative and people will get pumped up about your content. 

Why the Facebook Group Strategy Works

Sometimes you will add someone to the group, they will tell you ‘no thank you’ but they will stay in the group. Don’t be surprised if some people get back to you in six months and say, “hey, I joined your business!”

That’s  the power of getting people into a group! They become part of your community, of your culture, and of what you do.

The group is a tool, packed with resources to help you close business so you don’t have to explain everything. Inside the group you teach people the strategies to build a successful business online. Because they are duplicatable, anyone new can use them. You explain all the important aspects of your business. Your aim is to create independent leaders so that your business can run with or without you.

Your Turn to Try It

This is going to be fun, and it’s going to be 5-10 hours of focused work per week. An hour to two hours a day. Some of you will work  more hours and you’ll get bigger results. Just do all you can do.

The VSS ATM system is simple, but it is not always easy. If it was, everybody would do it,  everybody would be rich, and everyone would have financial freedom.

It does take some time to implement (which the team leaders have done for you) and duplicate (this is what we all need to do). But once you get the hang of it, there won’t be a force on this planet strong enough to stop you. You’ll simply rock it.

Remember… Dream. Struggle. Victory. There is no Victory without Struggle.

Will you try the VSS ATM strategy out? Are you already using it and seeing the results? Let us know in the comments below. And if you found value in this overview and training, share it with your teammates. Someone might need to hear this!

With passion and gratitude,

Tom Wood & Michael Carnevale

PS. Social Media rules change over time. Some people have been banned from facebook or their domain name has been banned because they didn’t follow Facebook’s rules. Make sure you understand the Group Rules (which include Facebook’s rules) and follow them so this doesn’t happen to you.