The #LOVIT Challenge


What Would You Do if Anything Was Possible?


Fuel Your Brain and Feed Your Mind

A healthy brain is the key to all our achievements. The brain affects all your body’s functions, your critical decision making, your executive functions and your emotional control – all necessary for peak performance in any pursuit.

The #LOVIT Challenge starts with Brān (say Brain) Reimagined, a nootropic supplement that you’ll feel immediately and get better results the more you use it. The nutrients in Brān are shown to improve clarity, alertness, focus and acuity. It’s proven to boost mental energy and improve mood.

So you can drop the worries, get focused on what’s important and be the happiest you’ve been on a long time.

The Challenge is a 21-day program of nutrition, coaching and community support that will give you the results.

When you join the #LOVIT Challenge you receive:

  • One month’s worth of Brān Reimagined
  • Twenty-one (21) days of coaching
  • Live classes and mentoring
  • Email and/or text series
  • A community of like-minded people
  • Special Members area for people taking the challenge
  • A team who are here to support you reaching your goals.

Our resident brain wellness professional, Michael Carnevale, has worked with Jack Lalane (the original personal trainer), Dr. Barry Sears of the Zone Diet, and has created breakthrough nutritional products used everyday people and by elite athletes alike.

Here’s how he’s going to help you succeed in whatever goals you set.

  • Weekly live Q&A
  • Twenty-one video and/or written coaching sessions during your #LOVIT Challenge
  • Special Guests that will spark you even further.  


Michael’s time alone is $500/hour, but it’s all free when you join the #LOVIT Challenge with a Team LOVIT member.

The more participants, the bigger the prizes.. Right now our prizes may be small but your results will be big. Each week we take all the testimonials submitted and we recognize & reward one person who has demonstrated and documented results. 


Brān Reimagined

Brān (say brain) is a breakthrough supplement that will light up your mind and put you in the mental state for a breakthrough.

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Brān Reimagined is a three-stage nootropic (cognitive performance enhacer) delivered through leading-edge nanotechnology in a unique package that fits in any pocket.

Brān is different from coffee and energy drinks that affect your central nervous system. It is less expensive than other nootropics (and even energy drinks) and it is much better for your mind and body.

And when you purchase Brān from a Team LOVIT member, you get entry into the #LOVIT Challenge for free and you are automatically put in the “Three and it’s Free” program (see below)

Brān (say brain) Reimagined is just $64.95 

Your purchase includes free entry into the #LOVIT Challenge


Real Results From Real People

“No One Walks Alone”


Start Your Journey

You’ve got this and we’re with you all the way. No one walks alone!  

Call your sponsor, , to let them know you’re joining!

Step 1

The links on this site will take you to your sponsor’s site on Velovita to order Brān Reimagined. It’s important to use your sponsor’s links so they get credit.

Step 2

Register here after you purchased Brān Reimagined. You’ll be given access to the Challenge Members Area and you’ll get your own site just like this one to refer others (we give points for customers who refer others). 

Step 3

The Challenge Starts today when you register, but don’t worry, you’ll have your product in 2-4 days if you register before 3pm ET. We start with goals and coaching before your product arrives.


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